About Us

We are a group of prominent institutions from South India build on the motto 'to light the light within'. Our basic goal is to 'empower and enhance our students with the power of education'.

Our institutions belong to the pinnacle group in the field of education. We transform our students not only to professional but also to good human beings for the society. Every year, each of our college brings our assets for our nation. We have highly qualified and experienced teachers and trainers who guide our students towards success.

Imayam education institutions functions under the Imayam Trust which was established in the year 2004. Thiru.P.Periyannan, the chairman and Thiru.A. Andi, the secretary of the trust are the reason for our rapid success. Rural development has been our primary goal since our inception. Ours is an ISO 9001:2000 certified institutions operating in the Thuriyur region of Tamil Nadu.

Imayam trust was established to provide for the society by supporting government activities like 'education for the backward group.' Our motto is "Knowledge of Power and Power of Knowledge". We want to make everyone of our students a better citizen and a complete human being.

Our mission is to tutor and train the students to the latest changes in various fields so that adapting to the society is easier. We provide our students with the latest equipments and training.

Our faculties ensure students overall development, extracurricular programs, and physical & mental prosperity. We provide superior learning experience in our institutions.

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