Imayam College of Arts and Science has been recognized as per G.O.No.548 dated 06.12.2004 by Higher Education (E1)Department , Govt. of Tamil Nadu. The college is affiliated to the Bharathidasan University.

Imayam Arts & Science College aims at inculcating social values in individuals, preparing individuals for taking up social roles and responsibilities increasing social efficiency of individual and creating such human personalities. We aim at fostering international understanding championing the cause of peace, maintaining the unity and the integrity of the nation, creating rational attitude, in citizens towards population, environment and other such pressing problems . Out institution plays an important role not only in the development of individuals but also in the development of society.

Principal's Message

Imayam is a name synonymous with quality education. Imayam will create a motto "Make every man a success and no man a failure". Students of Imayam will become a role model and pole star for millions of students globally. The light illuminated in this college will illumine this country. The students of this college will reach the Himalayam Height of Glory through their academic excellence. The students of this college develop certain characteristic qualities such as MODESTY, HUMILITY, MORALITY, HONESTY, INTEGRITY and MENTALITY for hard work in order to distinguish themselves as a competent personality to cope with the present fluctuating trends in the global scenario.

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