• Strict discipline is maintained in the hostel by the control of educated qualified wardens.
  • In this Hostel Spacious accommodation, Nutritious food, Mineral water is provided at lesser fees.
  • Separate hostel for boys and girls.
  • Special coaching for the pupil.


  • Xerox facility is also available in the library
  • In total approximately 5000 technical books are available at library. These books are useful to their semester examinations as well as the competitive examinations.
  • At most all the students are benefited by the library.
  • Provides Digital Library.


  • Our Institution owns 50 buses.
  • The bring the students from various places covering almost all the places.
  • Very Low Bus fare.


The main motto of our NSS unit is to develop students not only in academic performances but also in their development of personality through community services. Thus so much of importance is given to the overall development of student's community. Students are motivated in such a way to face real life situations with much courage and moral strength and the ultimate goal is achieved in making them a responsible citizen in the society.

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