Our Mission & Vision


To train student teachers to become dedicated, committed, intellectually well-developed, socially concerned, morally upright and spiritually oriented teachers.

The purpose, vision, mission and values of the college are made known to various stakeholders through the college prospectus and college website, college prayers and display boards.


The vision of the college is:

  • To shape, sensitize and inculcate in the prospective teachers a desire for excellence combined with right attitudes, values and ideologies.
  • To achieve academic excellence through hard work, critical thinking and effective decision making.
  • To facilitate learning among their pupils through appropriate skills and methodologies and to exercise responsible leadership and render selfless service to the community.


  • The institution has the following Core Values
  • Contributing to National Development
  • Fostering global competencies among the students
  • Inculcation of a value system among students
  • Promoting the use of Technology
  • Quest for Excellence

Institutional Objectives

In order to achieve the institutional goal i.e. To provide holistic education to the prospective teachers, the objectives of the institution are:

  • To provide value oriented education to the student teachers.
  • To develop critical capacities among teachers and students to use research findings as a basis for improving their teaching.
  • To enhance skills and competencies of the students and teacher educators.
  • To preserve our socio-cultural heritage.
  • To bring peace and harmony in four kingdoms i.e. plant kingdom, animal kingdom, inanimate kingdom and the human kingdom.
  • To produce dedicated, professional and quality teachers to enhance the quality of secondary education.
  • To acquaint the student teachers with the impact of globalization on Education.